Pejman Golpanian, M.D.

Pejman Golpanian, M.D.

Anesthesiology Expert Witness

Expert Witness

Why do you need an expert witness?

An expert like me on your team can make your case significantly more persuasive by increasing the credibility of your arguments and presenting them strongly. This can lead you to receive a higher settlement for your client or have your case dismissed entirely. My findings can also help attorneys determine whether or not to pursue a medical malpractice suit. I have the ability to present complex medical information in a way that is easy for an average person to understand, which is essential for a successful outcome.

Why should you work with me?

  • I am honest, caring, and compassionate about my work as I know it has an impact on someone‚Äôs life
  • My response time is under one hour
  • I give you timely updates in the status of my work to give you a clear idea of progress
  • I schedule a free phone or zoom consultation in order to get acquainted
  • I dedicate set days and hours per week to my expert witness services in order to give you high quality and impactful results with fast turnaround times.

Please contact me for a free consultation today or to request a copy of my CV, Fee Schedule, and Engagement letter.